Construction Manager - Part 3

Part 3 - Creating Projects & Adding Basic Styling

In this video I will setup the basic app styling using an AI generated dashboard layout from along with styles from tailwind css. I will also add the ability to create and authorize new projects.

In this series I will try build a product to solve a real world problem I stumbled across working with a builder who is building multiple dwellings on a property. The idea is to spend no more than a week or two to create a working product with only the core features.

The builder currently sends across PDFs to select Fixtures and Finishes for the but clients can find it quite hard to visualise everything. I thought that it would be easier if the process was transformed in to a digital product.

The source code for the app is available to view for educational purposes here:

Adam Wathan - Tailwind CSS: It looks awful, and it works - Rails World 2023:

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